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Select & Pay

You can select and view plans by clicking on 'Pricing' in the menu. For each plan you can view more details by hovering over the plan features (For desktop) or clicking on it (For mobile). Once you have selected a plan you will be redirected to a form where you will need to fill out your name, email, mobile and quantity of cards.

Then we will contact you for payment and shipping address. We will be streamlining this process in the future.

For professional and enterprise plans our design team will contact you for your tailor-made card.  

Design your card

We provide custom, tailor-made front and back designs for you card in the professional plan.

  • The design process will include: Graphic design research, mood boarding, initial sketches, building design and design revisions. 

  • Steps:

    • After your details have been uploaded, you will be contacted within 36 working hours and the design process will start.​

    • We will discuss if you require a completely new design or you want your original business card design with a modern look.

    • If you want a complete rebranding of your business card, we will then move to color theme selection and send you inspiration mood boards for you to decide what kind of design you would like.

    • After you have selected a design, we will get your desired design on the card within 5-7 working days.

Upload and update details

  • Your business details and other information can be uploaded once payment is done. You will receive a form in your email where you can fill in your details. To update or edit your details later, email us at and we will update it for you.

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